THE CIVIC MARKET OF SASSARI. Testimonies And Stories Of A Change

“The civic market of Sassari. Testimonies and stories of a change” is an independent film project that takes shape in 2011, in the moment immediately preceding the closure of the old market and its moving in the adjacent new area, inaugurated by the municipality in December 2012.
The docu-film tells stories of work, of a life spent in the city’s historical place for trade, where the commercial tradition of the three main economic activities of ancient Sassari is still kept: the agricultural work of the greengrocers, the cattle breeding with the butchers and the fish sellers.
The final closure of the old the civic market’s area has certainly marked a turning point in the historical heart of the city, but without erasing the fascination of the ancient  “agora” in the collective imagination.
The documentary film reconstructs the history of the civic market from the writings of Enrico Costa, telling the popular, cultural and economic spirit of the Sassari’s market and its characters, until depicting the changes of the new urban “face” marked by the economic evolution of the city nowadays. The trailer with the original musics by the Sassari singer and songwriter Gavino Riva.

ITA/SARDEGNA, 57′, 2015


Roda Film e 4Caniperstrada

script and director
Fabian Volti

Stefania Muresu


Roberto Achenza, Fabian Volti

Roberto Achenza, Fabian Volti, Marco Testoni

mix audio
Marco Testoni

color correction

Roberto Achenza

original music

Gavino Riva

video archive
Archivio Storico Comunale di Sassari, Biblioteca Comunale di Sassari, Archivi Fotografici di Salvatore Masala e Nanni Angeli, Archivio Video Privato

in collaboration with
Comune di Sassari, Biblioteca Comunale, Archivio Storico comunale, Assessorato Attività Produttive, Direzione Mercato Civico di Sassari

with the support of
Camera di Commercio di Sassari


genre / documentary

Festival DOCSS 2015