4Caniperstrada is a cultural association since 2007. It is an artistic collective made of independent photographers, film-makers and social researchers. We produce reportages, documentary films and visual researches where photography and video-making become tools for social inquiry, observation and representation of contemporary phenomena.

We are photographers, directors, documentarists, cinematographers, sound engineers, editors, computer technicians, sociologists and visual artists. Our project are born “on the road” – hence the association’s name – through the interaction with territories, people and their stories.


Luigi Bosio – photographer and cinematographer
Fabian Volti – photographer and director
Gavino Tilocca – computer technician, expert in school education
Stefania Muresu – visual sociologist, director and photographer
Giovanni Fogli – poet, sound engineer

other collaborators:

Gabriel Tzeggai – human right activist and urbanist from Eritrea
Marco Testoni – sound and video editing
Claudia Muresu – cultural management and translations
Alessandro Mirai – photographer, film-maker
Pavlo Hnatenko – cinematographer, photographer
Giovanni Angeli – photographer
Lansana Condé – photographer
Alpha Sadio – actor
and everyone that contributes to our project through social activism.

We have collaborated until today with public, private, municipalities, associations, groups and collectives: