March 15, 2018
March 15, 2018



With the project “Officine Fotografiche Caniperstrada”, the association is since 2010 engaged in the dissemination of analogue photography. Through the creation of a multidisciplinary space with a shared darkroom, the association offers a series of activities: darkroom development and printing laboratories, thematic workshops and meetings with photographers, portrait sessions and exhibitions. The aim is to create a space that will be a reference point for the use and research of all the practices related to photography.

Darkroom Laboratory LAFS

The  “Experimental Photography Project” and the “Darkroom Laboratory” was the first collective space dedicated to Analogue Photography and has been active from year 2010 to year 2014 inside the  Ex-Q occupied space in Sassari. The space has been equipped for the development and print of black and white photo negatives and it hosted several activities of study, research and experimentation of the analogue photography language.


Filtro 44

Filtro 44 is a project promoted by the 4Caniperstrada association together with a group of photographers that had its headquarter in Via Fermi 44 in Sassari, in year 2015 and 2016. It was born with the intention to create a space dedicated to the study, research and experimentation of new photographic techniques and languages that acts as a hub of contemporary transitions. The Darkroom set up in Filtro 44 was equipped with an IFF enlarger donated by the photographer Salvatore Masala. Filtro 44 has organized exhibitions, workshops with professional photographers, meetings with authors and laboratories about the languages ​​of photography, and launched an important network of contacts and subjects active in the field of photography in Sardinia.