A video camera bursts into a reception centre for asylum seekers in the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. Toni came from Libya on a boat, one that would bind friendships and destinies and upon which lives seeking freedom are entrusted. In another part, a hut in the woods is being built, an emotional representation of a journey crossing frontiers. They‟re all floating on “the same boat”, however, as their common destiny is to seek recognition, granted by a document which bestows them the dignity of self-determination and free movement within European borders.

70′ ITA 2017
HD 16:9 B/W
producer: Roda Film / 4CaniperStrada
in collaboration with: Archivio delle Memorie Migranti
script: Stefania Muresu
director: Stefania Muresu
co-directors: Usman Aziz, Toni Khalifa, Sulayman Suwareh
with: Usman Aziz, Toni Khalifa, Sulayman Suwareh, Kissima Touray, Saidou Sonko, John Cina, Waqas Ahmed, Mehmood Qasir, Adulai Baldeh
cinematographer: Usman Aziz, Alessandro Fanari, Pavlo Hntenko, Valentina Spanu, Fabian Volti
editing: Alessandro Fanari, Stefania Muresu, Marco Testoni
sound: Alessandro Fanari, Pavlo Hnatenko, Stefania Muresu, Valentina Spanu
music: Marco Colonna
mix audio: Carlo Doneddu
color: Luigi Bosio
arabic translation: Mustafa Marchych
urdu translation: Usman Aziz, Waqas Ahmed
english translation: Gabriel Tzeggai
italian subtitles: Daniela Piu
french subtitles:  Francesca Capece
consultan: Gabriel Tzeggai




  • Italian premiere Festival Visioni dal Mondo – Immagini dalla Realtà, in competition at “Storie dal Mondo contemporaneo”, Milano 2017
  • IsrealFestival di Cinema del Reale – official selection, Nuoro 2017
  • Sguardi Altrove   International Women’s Film Festival, official selection “Human Rights”, Milano 2018